Don't Leave Me Here

A crowd-sourcing blog to get more referrals for a job in Dubai. 

Around mid-2016 I decided to move to a new city and Dubai was my choice. The job market in Dubai is a bit different from what I was used to and after weeks of not getting any answer to my applications, I had the idea of creating something that would show my skills and my determination and somehow land me a "hot" lead on a job application.

The challenge:

Obviously landing a job, but how? By creating a personal blog that would work as a crowdsourcing platform, just like kickstarter, for contacts and/or referrals in Dubai. What better way to get an interview than being referenced by someone?

This is how was born.

From the beginning, the idea was to follow an experience close to what Kickstarter offers and it was obviously the biggest inspiration for the project. In this crowdsource, the pledges would be made with Facebook and Linkedin shares, tweets or with 3 kinds of form submissions: Refer me to someone, Sending me an email to schedule a phone interview, and Sending me an email saying I was hired (where only one person would be able to do it). Obviously, this last one was a long shot but the idea was to create a metaphor for different levels of pledging. Being hired was the ultimate goal.

The whole concept was designed around the fact that my girlfriend was moving to Dubai with a secure job, I wasn't being able to get an answer and the clock is ticking. That's why I decided to create an area where I would display the number of shares, referrals and also a countdown, showing how many days until she moved to Dubai.

There is no better motivation than working on a project that is helping you achieve something you want on a short/medium term. This is a perfect example of it.

This project took me around 2 weeks, from conceptualizing to going live. The idea was to get kind of an MVP as soon as possible to launch and start spreading it out. Achieving more than 7000 shares is something that I would have never dreamt off.

The outcome was definitely positive as it landed me two job interviews and consequent job offers.

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