Fully redesign the website by unifying their core business areas while mantaing a coeherent brand across all the website.

Rumos is the biggest digital services provider in Portugal and has Professional Qualification, IT Services and IT Outsourcing as the core of its business. In the past, and since each area has its own target audience, the main website was linked to three separated websites and tons of landing pages which was clearly damaging not only the brand awareness but also the navigation and usability of their primary source of customer acquisition.

The challenge:

Fully redesign the website to incorporate not only the three business areas but also institutional content and a blog feed. The three areas would have a dedicated landing page and have offer listings associated.

The concept for tackling this challenge was based on atomic design and modular components. Every area has common elements and related content that can easily be shared and/or populated all the website.

By creating a strong, coherent and accessible visual language we were able to provide a better experience across the website without having the strange feeling of missing out when visiting the different business areas. 


Going modular

The content was organized as a continuous process which gets the users more engaged. A visitor could be selecting a professional qualification course and at the same time check related IT Services and job offers. The homepage is fully editable and dynamic page, where we have sections populated with listings offers from each of the core areas.

This approach to design and information architecture allowed us to have more engaged users and users that are actually able to perform a decision because they have all the information easily accessible. 

This approach to design also allows us to create several layouts for each area and even allows us to create dedicated landing pages that could be built to promote any special offer or service.

"Considered the best website from an IT Education Center (LLPA) in all Europe from a total of 29 participants"

Based on a benchmarking conducted
during Microsoft's Learning Decoder 2017

This project was developed at Active Media, where I was part of the User Interface and User Experience design team and also responsible for the Front-End Development in the first stage of the project. 

It was one of the most interesting projects I took part in my career as it was a big challenge to make Rumos' ecosystem to coexist equally across the website with the same design language without affecting navigation and users' trust in the brand.

Active Media

UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer