Emirates Airlines Recruiting App

A design and concept for an Emirates Airlines recruiting app. Challenged by Dubizzle as a test for a recruitment process.

One of my job opportunities in Dubai was for Product Designer at Dubizzle which is the leading classifieds website in the UAE and the MENA region. As part of my recruitment process, as I was asked to think how technology help creating a more effective solution and a richer experience for both the airline, recruiters and potential hires.

The challenge:

Create a digital solution that creates a richer and effective experience for recruiters and potential hires. The main goal was to create an experience on tablets that could be used to filter candidates before the main and 1-on-1 interviews started, while the second goal was to create an experience that would allow applicants to conduct part of the recruitment process remotely before the recruitment days.

By the time I was facing this challenge I knew three people working for Emirates as Cabin Crew, which allowed me to conduct a Q&A session about the recruitment process end-to-end. I got to understand how the process starts, how it goes during the on-site recruitment days and how the company/applicant follow up the process.

The feedback collected allowed me to break this proposal into two main guidelines. Providing a richer, obvious and accessible experience to both recruiters and applicants and automate the recruitment process to reduce timings and costs.

1. By simply implementing a strategy of having an Assessment ID for each applicant, it would allow the company to carry the applicant's information across all the recruitment's steps. This would fix a recurring error that happened by the time this proposal was created: There wouldn't be a distinction between applicants that had previously applied online and applicants that were showing up for the first time on the Recruitment day, leading to some applicants having the need to fill the same form and provide documents twice.

2. Using eliminatory fields, such as minimum age, height, an English CV, fluency in English, on the application form would allow the system and the recruiters to quickly eliminate applicants or leave them on grey area subject to personal evaluation, e.g Visible tattoos or piercings or recurring Emirates interviews in less than 6 months.

Tablet experience

The tablet application was designed to be used during the Recruitment Day and on sight with devices provided by the company. Previously registered applicants would only have to Check-in while on-site applicants would have to start a new registration process and fill out the form. 

Welcome page

Filling out the information.

Validating information.

Concluding the registration/validation of data.

Browser & Mobile Experiences

The remote recruitment experience would be provided with a browser and mobile app application that would allow the applicants to start and follow up their process. 

This was a great project and a great way to test an applicant's skills. The way I decided to face this challenge was to not simply design an app or a website but to apply a more extensive knowledge to turn the challenge into a richer, smarter and more innovative experience.

By conducting small Q&As, thinking and prototyping an experience ( with a goal of giving a continuity feeling) and understanding how the solutions presented could benefit the corporation's hiring workflow made the boundaries between visual design, user experience design, service design, and design thinker fade out.

Interested in reading more about this project? I will be writing a journal post on it but meanwhile you can download the full keynote below.

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