Creating with and for humans.

I’m currently based in Dubai and working as an User Experience Designer at I've been working the last 4 years in designing digital solutions in different areas of design. During my career, I started focusing on designing for people and their needs rather than creating fancy non-usable UI mockups. My passion to learn and analysing data, insights and research takes a big part of my main premise as an user experience designer.

Thinking of design outside of web interfaces or posters, made me start studying about Design Thinking and Service Design which allowed me to face different and harder challenges and finding solutions to those. 

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User Experience Design

Design experiments to test scenarios and innovations using measurable insights. Make decision informed by data and real life results instead of general assumptions.

Front-End Development

An added value for a designer, understanding the constrains of building and implementing something. On top of this, having the skill of building an interactive prototype or a fully polished product. 

(Service) Design Thinking

Understanding how to use Design Thinking to resolve problems and adapt it to identify, fix and optimize Customer Experience and Organization processes.

What keeps me going?

Working with great people that put their egos aside and come up with creative and effective solutions for any problems. 

I want to feel happy and enjoy my life doing what I know best: thinking, designing and making. I want to be able to choose who I work with, when and where I do it.

Want to reach me?

Want to talk about a possible collaboration? Hit me via email or if you are form person, find one below. You can also find me around the web in the usual places ⬇️
Twitter / LinkedIn / Dribbble